‘Tis the time to adapt

‘Tis the time to adapt

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed and continues to change how people live, work, travel, shop, interact and more. While some changes would be temporary till the time the pandemic is over, there is a reason to believe that some of the changes in consumer behaviour will stick permanently.

Many believe that public health and economic crises are breeding grounds for adaptation, and research shows that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a new habit to form and an average of 66 for a new behaviour to become automatic. While people will go back to most of their old habits, and while the rise in for example telehealth or telemedicine might see a slide post-pandemic, seems like the world has been long enough into the global pandemic to develop and retain some new patterns of behaviour - which in many cases might be more efficient, convenient, sustainable, or totally advanced.

There has been a shift to value and essentials digitalization of various aspects of work, social interaction as well as a lifestyle has been hastened during the pandemic and would continue to progress from here. In the new world post-Covid-19, remote working, virtual meetings, webinars, digital events, and digital entertainment are likely to become a regular due to increased digital adoption.

Again, in the tech realm, online shopping, eCommerce and use of food delivery apps have seen a marked boost during the pandemic. Companies and startups have invested in supply chains and logistics, expanded their product ranges, increased reach, and improved upon customer experience. Plus, many countries have experienced a move towards cashless society These changes in purchasing behaviour is likely to sustain due to increased convenience beyond Covid-19 pandemic. 

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