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Agent Registrations

Click on New User. Fill your basic info (Name, Phone and Email) and Select Account Type (As Agent/User). Then Finished.
  • Verified your email (check your email)
  • Login
  • Start On Dashboard
  • Add Agency
  • Fill the Form and pin drop accurate agency location
  • Finished
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Agents Benefits

  • List your property
  • Add Agency Address
  • Add Agency Location on MAPS
  • Manage Advertising Email
  • Invite to Other Agents and get Reward Points
  • Call to Help Desk for Technical Support
  • Technical Assistance on Chat & Video Call
  • Use Auction Room for Online Biding
  • Tag as Hot Property
  • Participate in Real Estate Business Directory
  • Used Communication Services like Chat, Chat Room, Audio Call, Video Call & Internet Meeting
  • Become our Top Agent (by maximum listings)
  • Received our Email Alerts about Market Information

Referral and loyalty program

We are introducing referral and loyalty program in order to work more closely with our loyal users in Pakistan.

Real Estate users and Agents would benefit by showing their ultimate partnership with

Moreover we are working with national and multinational brands in order to utilize points generated by our loyalty program.

This service is completely free of charge. Real estate agents can sign up and start getting reward points by inviting other real estate agents

How are Sellers Rated

We pick professional sellers for your services, who are best in various aspects of Real Estate.

High Response Rate

We pick sellers for you who give you priority. Over 90% of our top sellers respond to enquiries with in first 24 hours

High Response Rate

We choose sellers who have previously closed deals with similalr requirement as you have. They’ll understand your needs better.

Traditional & Advanced Agents

Two Real Estate Agents are working on same business from same tenure, but getting very different results due to digitalized system.

Traditional Agent

  • Time: 60 hours per week
  • Earn: 2,80,000 rupees per year
  • Experience: 3 years as an Agent

Advanced Agent

  • Time: 40 Hours per week
  • Earn: 20,00,000 rupees per year
  • Experience: 3 Years as an Agent