StarLink in Pakistan, a mystery or blessing? A thorough study.

StarLink in Pakistan, a mystery or blessing? A thorough study.


People get amused by the lights that row into the sky even in Pakistan. We could feel the existence of something new and amazing. These are small satellites that are 65 times closer to earth than a geostationary satellite’s location. They shine in the night because of the solar panels that reflect the sunlight and they are so near that we could see them through our eyes at night.  These are the StarLink satellites., Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal, is here to highlight the important aspects of Starlink and its availability in Pakistan.

Starlink was launched by Elon Mask in 2020. The company SpaceX owns the product. StarLink claims to provide the best internet solution throughout the world where the routine broadbands couldn’t even reach. Most satellite internet services are derived from single geostationary satellites that circle the Earth at a distance of 35,786 km, as a matter of fact, the round trip data time between the user and satellite—also known as latency—is pretty high, making it nearly unmanageable to support streaming, online gaming, video calls or other high data rate activities.

Starlink is a collection of thousands of satellites that orbit the planet much closer to Earth, at about 550km, and cover the entire globe. As Starlink satellites are in a low orbit, latency is significantly lower—around 20 ms vs 600+ ms.

We can compare the two in one more different way…  Starlink satellite signals send the signals 65 times and meanwhile, geostationary satellites could send it once.

The StarLink satellites are more in number, smaller in size, work automatically to elude space rocky intrusions and function on solar energy. Yes! That’s the future. More practical, compact, and easily accessible. Several StarLink had set in space through a single rocket.

Starlink Internet Package

Let’s discuss the speed of emerging services, the service's speeds saw a 38 per cent increase in the U.S. and Canada, speeds increased by nearly 58 per cent in the same period. In the U.S, Starlink users can expect to get speeds around 90.55 Mbps, uploading 16.29. While Canadian users should see speeds close to 97.40 Mbps, the uploading speed is 16.69 Mbps. Whereas the PTCL speed test for downloading is 15 Mbps and for uploading it’s around 7.9 Mbps. No comparison!

My point is not to underestimate the local broadband and internet but to bring new technology to light so that we all know that new and better technology is waiting for us to groom our technology skills.

The present era has promoted gaming and live sessions a lot. Gaming is producing extremely high revenues nowadays so we cannot avoid its existence and its widespread. So these industries could only be flourished when they get better resources in terms of high and unobstructed internet speed.

Let us discuss the acceptability of this technology in Pakistan. Initially, PTA was not in favour of the new technology while following the old customs. We all know that Pakistan is way too much behind technology acceptance. Discussing this problem would be way too digressive here.

Starlink launch in Pakistan

 Let’s focus on StarLink's comings in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) till January 2022 didn’t allow users to pre-book the internet service because the PTA has not granted any license to them.

 SpaceX has not reached the Government of Pakistan yet, for any sort of permission or license for working.

 My question is; when there is any new invention that has been accepted by 40 countries and spreading so quickly, would need to show any interest in our country? This could be in our interest to make a move and grasp the opportunity.

PTA always gets petrified about whether the new technology would sneak their important information. And later on, we accept the technology when other countries are moving to something better.

I hope we shall soon overcome the national insecurities to bring the latest technology to Pakistan to open the doors for the upcoming generation to work with the global world side by side.

If you want to learn more about starlink and packages in whole world try starlink officials as well as do search on the PTA website zamulk blog has the huge impact on other industries as well as apart from real estate.

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